Jamstack Conference


All workshops take place on October 7, 2021 from 9AM–1PM PT

Anjana Vakil

Data Visualization for Web Developers

Starts on 16:00 UTC.

Instructor: Anjana Vakil

Data Visualization, aka "dataviz", is much more than drawing some pretty charts; it's a process of discovering & communicating insights derived from data. As web developers, we are luckily swimming in data about the apps we build, the users who interact with them, and the development workflows we use to build them. We may be used to looking at certain visualizations of that data - e.g. a simple line graph or bar chart presented by our analytics platform - but many developers don't realize that with very little time & effort, we can build our own visualizations to dig deeper and answer the specific questions that really matter to us and our work.

In this workshop, through hands-on projects we'll learn how to use Observable, a browser-based reactive coding platform, to rapidly build insightful, interactive visualizations in JavaScript. After completing this workshop, you'll have the basic tools & techniques you need to start using dataviz to better understand your code, your projects & your users, and make better data-driven decisions as a developer.

Colby Fayock

Build an Online Store with Next.js, Snipcart, and Netlify

Starts on 16:00 UTC.

Instructor: Colby Fayock

E-commerce is an essential component of how our world works, but slow pages or downtime can make online shopping a nightmare, leaving us with an empty cart or frustrated when we can’t find what we need.

As developers, it’s our responsibility to deliver a great experience, but high premiums and complicated infrastructure can feel like building a store is out of reach.

In this workshop, we’ll learn how to use Next.js to build a fast, reliable online store on the Jamstack using Snipcart to add a shopping cart with checkout all deployed to Netlify, giving our customers the experience they deserve.

Gabor Javorszky

Practical Introduction to Relational Databases

Starts on 16:00 UTC.

Instructor: Gabor Javorszky

Static sites are amazing, and I wish more and more things on the internet were static. However there are applications where having an actual database powering your software is needed. In this workshop I'll use a super simple e-commerce store we'll be building and extending together to introduce and talk about concepts around relational databases, and more specifically, PostgreSQL. Ever wondered what a foreign key constraint is, how it works, and what do they do? Did you know you can validate data going into the database within the database itself? What are composite indices, and how do they work? What's a stored procedure, and do we need them? And how difficult dealing with all of this is, anyways? At the end of the day you should have a working knowledge of basic Postgres principles, and enough knowledge to know where to look for even more info.

Monica Powell

Building Modern Websites with GatsbyJS

Starts on 16:00 UTC.

Instructor: Monica Powell

In this workshop, Monica Powell will cover the fundamentals of quickly developing a site with Gatsby, a React framework, and dive deep into the building blocks you’ll need to build your own custom Gatsby sites. After completing a mix of lectures and exercises you’ll be able to build and deploy a Gatsby site from the ground up. In particular, you’ll learn the ins and outs of creating Gatsby sites, from selecting a starter or theme, using GraphQL to manage site data, making Markdown content interactive with MDX, deploying your site, and more! This workshop is for JavaScript developers who haven’t had extensive experience with Gatsby and want a deeper understanding of Gatsby.

Eve Porcello

Node.js Beyond npm

Starts on 16:00 UTC.

Instructor: Eve Porcello

If you’ve worked on any kind of JavaScript project, it’s likely that you’ve run an npm install or set up an Express server, but have you really dug into Node.js itself? In this course, we’ll discuss Node.js beyond the basics to cover the techniques that you need to know to contribute to Node projects without feeling overwhelmed.

We’ll start by covering common design patterns that are reflected in Node.js. Then we’ll dig into asynchronous data and data streaming. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a new set of skills for building advanced, enterprise-scale applications with Node.js.

Salma Alam-NaylorStefan Judis

Getting started with Next.js and Contentful

Starts on 16:00 UTC.

Instructor: Salma Alam-Naylor and Stefan Judis

Next.js is a powerful Static Site Generator powered by React that gives you exceptional flexibility in how you fetch, pre-render and update the content that powers your web applications. In combination with Contentful — the headless content management platform — you can build, iterate, scale and deploy your content with ease.

In this workshop, Salma and Stefan will guide you through a fresh blog setup with Contentful and Next.js. You'll learn how to use Contentful's GraphQL API to generate dynamic pre-rendered static pages based on your blog entries, you'll explore the power of Contentful's Rich Text Field (it's so much nicer than a traditional WYSIWYG editor!) and understand how you can rebuild your website on content changes with either webhooks or Incremental Static Regeneration from Next.js.

Scott Spence

Build with SvelteKit and GraphQL

Starts on 16:00 UTC.

Instructor: Scott Spence

Have you ever thought about building something that doesn't require a lot of boilerplate with a tiny bundle size? In this workshop, Scott Spence will go from hello world to covering routing and using endpoints in SvelteKit. You'll set up a backend GraphQL API then use GraphQL queries with SvelteKit to display the GraphQL API data. You'll build a fast secure project that uses SvelteKit's features, then deploy it as a fully static site. This course is for the Svelte curious who haven't had extensive experience with SvelteKit and want a deeper understanding of how to use it in practical applications.

Lauren EtheridgeKnut Melvær

How to create editor experiences your team will love

Starts on 16:00 UTC.

Instructors: Lauren Etheridge and Knut Melvær

Content is a crucial part of what you build on the web. Jamstack brings a lot to the developer experience in terms of building content-driven sites, but how can we improve things for editors and content creators?In this workshop you’ll learn how use Sanity.io to approach structured content modeling, and how to build, iterate, and configure your own CMS to unify data models with efficient and delightful editor experiences. It’s intended for web developers who want to deliver better content experiences for their content teams and clients.