October 15

Welcome party
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October 16

& conference talks

Lunch 'n learn

Happy hour

October 17

Agency breakfast

Conference talks

Lightning talks

October 18

Hands-on workshops (extra cost)

Tuesday, October 15

JAMsession - Welcome Party

The JAMstack San Francisco user group is hosting an opportunity to mix and mingle with attendees before we kick off the event.

Wednesday, October 16

Doors, Registration

Welcome and Intro

Phil Hawksworth · JAMstack Conf MC

JAMstack at Scale

Matt Biilmann · Netlify

How the JAMstack enables Canada's largest food retailer

Justin Watts · Loblaw


JAMstack with WordPress

Amit Rathi · MobiDev

WordPress is a CMS powering over a third of the web. With the power of it's REST API, it is possible to implement a decoupled and headless architecture.

This talk will demonstrate how to setup and use a WordPress site as a back-end for a static front-end. This talk will compare headless WordPress to other solutions, outlining the major advantages and disadvantages.

Static generated sites === great performance. What are you waiting for?

Debbie O'Brien · Patterson Agency

Statically generated sites are the future. Seriously. With frameworks like Nuxt we can build really cool sites that look and feel like a single page application but are actually static generated. That means no need for a server but most importantly performance is amazing. Everything is generated at build time.


Lightning launches

Two speakers will be selected to demo new products or projects in a 10-minute lightning talk format.

Supercharging JAMstack apps with multiple APIs via GraphQL Pipelines

Sean Grove · OneGraph


Building a shopping cart on a static website

Atishay Jain · Adobe

By definition, a static website does not have a server. Then how, with the JAM stack can we really have a good shopping cart. This talk will have a demo of a system where no dynamic code is written on the server and a fully functional e-commerce website is presented using a static site builder, some APIs and JavaScript.

Not every e-commerce system needs to be as dynamic as Amazon, and therefore should not use the same stack. You can avoid on-call work, constant updates and maintenance efforts when you use a CDN to host your shopping cart and get great performance to go along with it.

The visual future of content editing

Scott Gallant ·

The CMS editing experience hasn't changed much in the last decade. However, site building tools like Squarespace, Webflow, Carrd, and Cargo have become much more sophisticated. CMSs optimize for developer experience (DX) while site-builders optimize for the user experience (UX).

In the future, DX and UX will merge and content management will be more visual while giving devs the control they need. In this talk, learn about the future of content management for the JAMstack followed by a demo of an experimental editing UI from the team.

Migrating to JAMstack and OhShitGit!

Katie Sylor-Miller · Etsy



Wrap up & announcements

Join us for happy hour!

Thursday, October 17

Agency Breakfast & Fireside Chat

Sponsored by Netlify

Learn why the JAMstack is giving agencies a competitive advantage. Join us for this optional breakfast and interactive session about the business outcomes for digital agencies, including JAMstack-powered case studies and best practices.

Welcome and Intro

Phil Hawksworth · JAMstack Conf MC

A few opening remarks and information about the event ahead.

Responsive Typography

Mandy Michael · Seven West Media

Variable Fonts allow typography on the web to adapt to the flexible nature of screens, environments and devices. We can use variable fonts with pre-existing technologies to improve the performance, design, accessibility and usability of our websites.We can start to design our typography to adjust to various inputs, situations or events using Media Queries, JS events and the Sensor or Audio Apis. This will allow us to modify our fonts to aid in storytelling, achieve improved readability and legibility in different situations, environments or on larger or smaller screens.Let’s begin to explore new and exciting creative opportunities for storytelling, design and expression in ways standard fonts could never provide us. This is just the beginning of our journey to discover what we can do with variable fonts.

Git CMS models

Shawn Erquhart · Netlify


Performance Budgets

Tammy Everts · Speedcurve




Lightning Launch

Two speakers will be selected to demo new products or projects in a 10-minute lightning talk format.

Design systems, frameworks and browsers

Nicole Sullivan · Google


Progressive Bundling Replacing Webpack with 302 Redirect

Brian LeRoux ·

Software development for the web today often comes with an implicit penalty to iteration speed: a build step! We love our compiler tooling and this talk will argue that while build steps will remain requirement for the foreseeable future they can also be largely automated.

The best part about this we have a have a very webby hack! This is more of a pattern using standard HTTP conventions:

  • The end user requests a file
  • The web 'server' responds with a 302 redirect to the compiled file

Who compiled that file? It does not matter because it was not you. You got to write the origin file, say `index.tsx` and the web browser got an asset from the CDN that is compiled, fingerprinted and cached forever called index-2e38.js.

A purist may point out this technique violates the JAMStack principle of prebuilding markup. However, it could also be argued that dynamically building sources exactly once and caching them forever is exactly the same thing except we are deferring the build to the web server instead of the authors computer. Controversy!

But either way, only needing to deploy sources, and leaving it to our tools process the requested asset and deliver it through a CDN is most definitely the spirit of JAMStack. It's all about buying us more time for the real work of authoring software for the web instead of waiting on complex deployment ceremonies!

Headless Chrome & Cloudinary for progressively enhanced dynamic content

Ire Aderinokun · BuyCoins

Own your content on Social Media using the IndieWeb

Zach Leatherman · Filament Group

You’ve been posting to Medium, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. The gardens are walled. The silos are tall.

Inevitably when we are beholden to social media, the terms of service for these sites are subject to change. What can we do to protect our stuff and take back our digital social interactions out of these silo’d spaces and move them to places that we control?

With the IndieWeb and JAMStack, this is not only possible but pretty approachable too.

Full stack front-enders

Chris Coyier · CSS Tricks

Wrap up & announcements

Phil Hawksworth · JAMstack Conf MC

Friday, October 18

Workshop day

Get hands-on with the JAMstack with full-day and half-day workshops from some of of the top engineers in their category. Sold separately from the conference.


Conference tickets start at $399 (Super Early Bird), so try to get yours while they last. Workshops are sold seperately. Sending three or more from your team? Contact us about group discounts or sponsorships.