Building Modern React Websites with Gatsby.js

Wes Bos, Syntax FM and

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Gatsby is a JavaScript framework for creating wicked fast, modern websites with React and GraphQL.

Gatsby makes it easy to build a website with all of today's best practices at the forefront - not an after thought. This includes code splitting, pre-loaded routes, image loading and compression, offline ready and so much more. Along with amazing user experiences, the gatsby developer experience is fast, hot-reloaded and easily deployable.

Together we will build a Gatsby.js based website from scratch, learning the core concepts and understanding how to tackle a website. This includes:

  • How to source data from Headless APIs or static markdown files.
  • Writing GraphQL Queries
  • Image Compression Plugins
  • Templating and Theming
  • Layouts with React Components
  • CSS with Styled Components
  • Building & Deployment
  • + more!

This workshop is a must for anyone looking to build modern websites all while sharpening their React skills. This includes you, WordPress devs!


  • A good grasp on JavaScript fundamentals - you are comfortable with modules, functions, variables, destructuring, arrays and Objects.
  • Beginner to Intermediate knowledge of React.js — State, components, context, props. You should have built at least 3 things with React.js before.
  • Familiarity with package managers npm or yarn

What to bring:

  1. A laptop with the latest version of NodeJS installed.
  2. A text editor like VS Code
  3. A terminal
  4. A burning hunger to learn some neat stuff!

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