Jamstack Conference

The Jammies

The Jammies Awards recognize individuals, companies, projects and initiatives that are pushing forward the modern web and Jamstack ecosystem.


Social Impact Award

Awarded for utilizing Jamstack technologies for the delivery of valuable and important resources, in service of the community and for the betterment of society.

Outstanding Community Meetup

In recognition of an active and popular Jamstack meetup, which unites developers, champions new technologies and techniques, and creates a safe, welcoming, and constructive forum for all.

Ecosystem Innovation Award

For extending the power and reach of the Jamstack ecosystem, with an outstanding service that empowers developers and drives innovation.

Jamstack Project Of The Year

For outstanding achievement in delivering best-in-class experiences to customers through innovative use of technologies across the Jamstack and its ecosystem.

Jamstack Agency Of The Year

In recognition of a firm who delivers excellent digital experiences for clients, with an emphasis on education and delivery of Jamstack solutions.

Community Creator Award

For creating outstanding Jamstack content for the community. This award could go to a learning platform like Jamstack Explorers or to an individual content creator.

What to expect

  1. August


  2. September

    Community Voting

  3. October

    Winners Announced


You can nominate yourself, your colleagues or esteemed community members. The nomination form is brief, but be prepared to share a short description of why you think the person or project is worthy of recognition. Any links, stats or anecdotes are greatly appreciated!

Community Voting

After your nominations, we will select the top 5 nominees from each category and put them up for voting. Of course the community will decide who goes home with the awards.

Celebrating Winners @ Jamstack Conf

What better way to celebrate the community than at Jamstack Conf?! We'll announce winners at intervals throughout the conference duration. Register now and join live on October 6th for the results.

Last Year’s Winners

Here are the winners of last year's inaugural Jammies Awards announced at Jamstack Conf Virtual 2020.

Jamstack web app of the year

Lunch Money, by Jennifer Yip, a personal finance management web app taking on Mint and YNAB and is 100% managed by a solo founder.

Social Impact award

CovidTracking.com, showcased at Jamstack Conf in May, has become an essential source of the latest numbers on tests, cases, hospitalizations, and patient outcomes from every US state and territory.

Jamstack product or service of the year

RedwoodJS, bringing the full-stack to the Jamstack. An opinionated framework that combines React, GraphQL, Prisma2, SQL, and lots more out of the box.

Community Organizer of the year

Recognizing Jamstack Paris for outstanding community organizers who helped grow the community of Jamstack enthusiasts, shared knowledge and created a safe, welcoming, and constructive forum for all, especially as the pandemic has changed the way we connect and meet up.