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Jamstack Conference

Jamstack Conf 2020

Jamstack Conf is a two day celebration of the next generation of web apps, where the Jamstack community and ecosystem comes together to learn, connect and create. Attendees range from front end and full stack engineers to web agencies all ready to push the boundaries of tomorrow’s web architecture.


Excited crowd raising their hands up in the air

What you’ll experience

Excited crowd raising their hands up in the air

30+ presentations, demos, lightning talks, case studies, product launches, hands-on workshops, networking, and more—all in a fun and friendly environment!

Last year more than 1,000 attendees and 25+ sponsors joined us across events in New York, London and San Francisco. Join us in 2020 as the Jamstack movement and conference continues to grow. Together we’re building the future of the web—independent, performant, and secure—and the future is bright!

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Watch 2019 talks

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Jamstack Conf organizers are dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive and harassment-free environment for our conference attendees. Diversity of background, experience, & culture add to the growth of our community by adding new and fresh perspectives. Please review our code of conduct and be ready to participate in a productive and fun event. See you online!

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