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Jamstack Conf 2021

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Join 20,000+ web developers to learn how it started, how it's going, and what's next!


An orbit of community logos and avatars in the Jamstack ecosystem
Sample badge for Jamstack Conf for Jason Lengstorf

Let’s customize your virtual badge

Sample badge for Jamstack Conf for Jason Lengstorf

This special edition Jamstack Conf is all about throwing it back to where we started and celebrating how far the community and ecosystem have come in 5 years.

Now you can join the party by creating your very own “How it started, how it’s going” virtual badge. Register and create your badge by uploading an old skool photo + a current photo. Finally, share your glow up and let the community know you’re ready to Jam on October 6-7.

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The Jammies, with a Jamstack Conf logo adorned Trophy

The Jammies Awards recognize individuals, companies, projects, and initiatives that are pushing forward the modern web and Jamstack ecosystem.


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Jamstack Conf organizers are dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive and harassment-free environment for our conference attendees. Diversity of background, experience, & culture add to the growth of our community by adding new and fresh perspectives. Please review our code of conduct and be ready to participate in a productive and fun event. See you online!

This event will be human live-captioned. Have questions about event accessibility? Please email events@jamstack.org to discuss any access questions.

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