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Jamstack Conf 2021

Jamstack Conf is a two day celebration of the next generation of web apps, where the Jamstack community and ecosystem comes together to learn, connect and create. Join engineers, web architects, technology leaders and digital agencies who are embracing the next evolution of modern web development architecture.


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— Extended! Deadline to submit: July 16, 2021

2021 Call for Papers

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We are seeking some amazing speakers to add to our lineup. We will continue to curate and invite speakers, but we will also feature a mix of community-generated speaking proposals.

Our call for papers is open to everyone no matter their background, origins, experiences or skill levels. If you've been thinking about giving your first conference talk, make it Jamstack Conf!

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Everyone is Welcome!

Jamstack Conf organizers are dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive and harassment-free environment for our conference attendees. Diversity of background, experience, & culture add to the growth of our community by adding new and fresh perspectives. Please review our code of conduct and be ready to participate in a productive and fun event. See you online!

This event will be human live-captioned. Have questions about event accessibility? Please email events@jamstack.org to discuss any access questions.

Code of Conduct